Plast-aidŽ is a two part compound consisting of a liquid and powder.
As it thickens, Plast-aidŽ transforms from a castable liquid, to a glue, to a putty, to a clay,
and finally to a hard, durable, waterproof plastic, in only 15 minutes!
This progression makes Plast-aidŽ an incredibly versatile tool allowing it to be
cast into molds, used to repair breaks and fill gaps,
formed into shapes for custom parts, and much, much more!

Great for those joint leaks in PVC, it really works.

6 oz. Plast-aid  

We carry Plast-aidŽ in two popular sizes:

H2O # Manf. # Description
5068501 PLA-.75

Plast-Aid multipurpose repair plastic, 3/4 oz.

5068505 PLA-6

Plast-Aid multipurpose repair plastic, 6 oz.

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