The StainEraser™ products
Work like a giant eraser:
Simply Erase the Stains Away !
Designed to snap onto standard pool pole.
Are made from a proven formula that will not scratch or gouge the recommended surfaces.
Cleanup is a breeze.
The StainEraser™ products contain no chemicals.

 The VinylEraser® cleans without scratching
or damaging the vinyl.
Helps restore the old, dingy vinyl to new !
Easy to use ! Instant Results !
H2O # 5624125

The Stain Eraser® ,
for gunite, concrete
and plaster pools
H2O # 5624120

Kalcium Killer
eraser for calcium buildup on pool and spa tile,
clean and polishes most tile without scratching,
additional cover on handle for gripping,
designed to be a hand tool instead of being
used on a pole.
H2O # 5624115

The Spa Eraser
for fiberglass, gelcoat and
Quarite spas,
not recommended for acrylic surfaces
H2O # 5624130

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