Inline Zinc Anode for
chlorine-generated salt water pools.

The best way to to inhibit the effect of electrolysis is to use a Zinc Anode (sacrificial anode). Zinc is a metal that gives up it's metal ions faster than other metals in the pool water. In other words, the zinc anode will erode instead of other metals (i.e. pool light, light niche, heater and handrail and ladder). The zinc ions will not discolor the pool plaster. We carry three different models.

H2O# 5082129 - The unit shown to the left plumbs inline into a 2 inch PVC line.

H2O# 5082130 -
Spigot slips into any 2 Tee.




H2O# 5082131 - Saddle clamps onto a 2 inch PVC line.



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