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 Seal Lube


Install that seal with
U.S. SEALUBE from U.S.Seal

Water based.
Maintains its wetness.
"Locks" your seal in place
Provides a high degree of lubricity.
Great for all seals and all elastomers.
Totally evaporates, leaving no residue.
15 to 20 minutes work time before drying.

More About U.S.SEALUBE

PTFE or Silicone Based Lubricants Destroy Seals.

During installation, chances are the installation lubricant will come in contact with sealing faces.
Once a PTFE or silicone based product touches the seal faces, it is nearly impossible to remove.
When the pump is started, the PTFE or silicone draws the carbon from the primary ring, and
smears this material on the face of the mating ring, causing a build-up which eventually destroys the seal.

H2O# 9091400 10ml tube

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