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 Versi-Foam Insulation Kits

Versi-Foam Insulation Kits

Great for insulation on spas



VERSI-FOAM® is today's most convenient, economical way to insulate pools and spas and protect equipment, systems are portable and totally disposable, ideal for adding insulation to spas after installation or repairs and for winterizing equipment. VERSI-FOAM® portable systems come ready to use. No other equipment is necessary. And there is a size for every job, ranging from the System 1 ( yields 1 cubic foot or 12 board feet of foam ) to the midsized units whose yields depend on the density of the foam. Systems comes with a gun/hose assembly, 10 mixing nozzles, packet of petroleum jelly and wrench. Components are packed in the base of Systems 1and 15 and at the top of the ‘A’ carton of Systems 33 and 50. Petroleum jelly is applied to gun face at factory. It need only be used for storage and re-use.

H2O # Manf. # Description
5089402 SYSTEM 1

1 cubic ft kit, 12 board ft, 1.75 lb density

5089407 SYSTEM 15

16.5 cubic ft kit, 198 board ft, 1.75 lb density

5089417 SYSTEM 50

50 cubic ft kit, 600 board ft, 1.75 lb density - special order
Note - during certain times of the year, this item maybe in stock.

board feet is measure at 1" cured thickness

Link to RHH Foam Website More Information



 Versi-Foam Replacement Gun and Nozzles


Versi-Foam Replacement Gun



H2O # Manf. # Description
5089427 G15C

Replacement gun assembly with 15’ hose and 10 nozzles

5089432 ANOZ

Additional Multi purpose nozzles, sold by the each



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