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 Ozone / Salt Generator Combination System - DEL Ozone




Easy to Use
Manifold Assembly


The Delzone TrioPure Automatic Soft Water Ozone Sanitation System combines the power of Ozone with the stability of Salt Chlorine, providing Advanced Oxidation. The TrioPure is a combination Ozone Generator and Salt Chlorine Generator packaged in one enclosure. System is easy to install on new or existing pools.

One system, one installation, one low cost
24hr, low-cost operation, Self-cleaning, low maintenance salt cell, allows for longer duration between cleanings
The combination of ozone with electrolysis creates the Advanced Oxidation Process

During the Advanced Oxidation Process, Super Oxide compounds, which are even stronger oxidizers than

   ozone or chlorine, are continuously being formed

Super Oxides, in combination with free Ozone and free Chlorine, provide the strongest and safest pool

   water sanitation

H2O # Manf. # Description
3860211 Triopure-50

TrioPure Ozone / Salt Generator for pools to 50,000 gallons, includes manifold


Rev C – 02/10/2005

TrioPure™ (Patent Pending) 2005 Data Sheet

 CAPACITY  Residential Pools up to:
50,000 gallons

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic)
Clear Lexan cover to view bright LED lights
Indoor/Outdoor (Temp 40-120°F, 0-100% RH)
Approximately 36 pounds
Dimensions: 15" X 19.5 "X 7.5" Wall mount
On/Off Power Switch

Clear Housing (Lexan SLX)
Small Salt Cell Size (Inexpensive to Replace)
Reverse polarity feature (Self Cleaning)
Titanium Electrolytic Plates
Life expectancy = minimum 3 years
Easy to remove and reinstall entire Salt Cell Housing
Chlorine Cell automatically operates 8 hrs on, 4 hrs off to reverse polarity; repeats continuously
Ozone injector molded in the clear salt cell
Ozone Injector clean-out port

4 Electrodes & Power Supplies
Ozone is produced continuously on both units

120V, 4A, 60Hz or 240V, 2A, 60Hz

Internal Terminal block - Terminal block is under the front panel (remove screws for access);
can be wired 120 or 240 VAC; no power cord

24 hour; independent of pool pump with Built-In Mag Drive Recirculation Pump (7-10 Yr. Life Expectancy)
3-5 GPM water flow
On/Off Power Switch

: 0.6 grams/hour (14.4 grams/day)

TRIO-50: 0.6 lbs/day (= ~1 standard chlorine tablet or approximately 8.5 tabs/week)

EPA Establishment Listed
ETL Listing to UL Standards - Pending

One year complete product; pro-rated year 2 at 50% and year 3 at 25% on salt cell only

Injecting Ozone into the Electrolytic salt cell creates Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP),
creating Super Oxide Compounds which are stronger than either Ozone or Chlorine and provide
the strongest safest pool water sanitation.

Hi Salt (5000 ppm) / Low Salt (3000 ppm) Warning Lights
*Water Flow Indicator
*Water Temperature Status Indicator (59°F – 104°F)
*Ozone Cell Operation Indicator
Current overload protection shut-off
Chlorine output control (reduces or increases amperage)
*TRIO-50: Ozone cell operation LED’s (4)
Clear view ozone injector/salt cell

*Indicators become diagnostics by turning from green to red to indicate fault.

Two Digit Chlorine Powered Display (both systems)
OF = OFF Indicates system is off
CL = CLEANING Indicates no output while system is reversing polarity
PB = PROBLEM (flashes) Indicates calcium build up, low water flow, air leak
OL = OVERLOAD (flashes) Indicates salt level is too high or shorts across cell
Relative Chlorine Production Scale 1 to 10 (5 = 0.5 ppm; 10 = 1.0 ppm)

NOTE: TrioPure does not measure Chlorine Levels in the Pool

MDV Assembly (Eliminates Ozone Bubbles)

Molded plastic installation manifold (2") with 2 check valves (pressure differential and anti-siphon)
8" Manifold Length
Plumb into pool return line after filter/heater
Connects to TrioPure with 3/4" PVC pipe
Max. 8’ above and 3’ below water level

Salt Concentration (3000-5000 ppm) – 3500 ppm recommended
PH (7.2-7.6)
Chlorine Stabilizer (Cyanuric acid): 40-80 ppm depending on regional climate
Total Alkalinity (80-120 ppm)
Total Hardness (200-400 ppm)
Free Chlorine (0.5 – 1.0 ppm)



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